Commonly asked questions


how much does it cost to go to a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools.  In line with all public schools, there is no fee to attend.


How do I get into a charter school?

Each charter school has an application, which can be found on their websites.  If the number of students applying for a grade exceeds the number of seats available, the school will hold an open lottery to randomly determine who will be offered admission to attend the school.


We suggest families apply to at least three different schools for their children. That way, if your child is not admitted to your first-choice school, you still have other options.

Does Oklahoma have Education savings accounts (ESAs)?

No, Oklahoma's legislature has not approved ESAs for our state's children and their parents.  Legislative bills have been introduced to create this expanded school choice option for parents and will require support to achieve their passage.

How much does it cost to get help from ChoiceMatters?

The expertise and knowledge of ChoiceMatters staff is free to parents. Call us: 405.360.1200 or reach us through the Contact Us page of this website.